Learning lines

Always be off-book if you can, but it isn’t the end of the world if you fudge a few lines. Getting the character across is ALWAYS the most important thing. If you fluff a line, carry on. Don’t stop and ask to start again, unless you are right at the beginning. If the CD is on a tight schedule, you don’t want to ruffle feathers by almost getting to the end of a really good take and forcing them to restart because of a little fumble. Your next take may not be as powerful if forgetting the line then get’s into your head. 

How can you do things a bit differently?

8/10 people at a casting will deliver the scene in almost exactly the same way. How can you change some of the intention or way you say a line or two to inject some character and make it your own? The CD will always guide you in a second take if this isn’t what they are looking for and, as long as you follow their direction, different ideas are always appreciated.

How do I look?

Be presentable at auditions, the cameras pick up every mark on your jumper or stray hair. Take some tissues with you incase waiting rooms are clammy so you can rid any shine and carry a brush/bobble with you so you can smooth yourself down if longer hair. It’s never great to turn up all bedraggled (unless the character demands it).

Don’t wear anything too distracting - smart/casual is the usual brief for most castings - jeans and a plain top are a safe bet. Greys are always best, followed by mid-shade greens, blues or purples/maroons. Try and avoid white, black or navy, as they aren’t as flattering on most casting studio cameras. If there are wardrobe notes, follow them as best you can (specifics can always be bought, worn and returned to store if it is an essential item that you don’t have lying about at home). If there aren’t wardrobe notes, don’t go over the top dressing as a character (this is normally a tell-tale that someone is less experienced). You can hint at character without being full costume, if it helps your performance.


Get there early, you will often have material to look at before your time slot, so aim to arrive 5-10 mins early so you aren’t rushing and flustered.

You can fill in any forms once you come out of the audition room - make sure you use the time beforehand to prepare, get in the zone and relook over these tips!


Rather than thinking of an audition like a job interview, think about it being an opportunity to act and perform a character for a small audience.